Sunday, 19 October 2008

Let's talk about Insensate Management

So here we are again! We do our jobs every day, work our hands to the bone, pay our taxes, trust our governments and banks ... Folks: being kicked by over-paid, arrogant, they-lose-I-win, they-win-I-win-more executives.

Peter's Law is based on the Peter Principle: members of a hierachy are promoted until they reach the level at which they are no longer competent.

I'm opening the discussion with the lyrics of "Peter's Law", I wrote in 2003, in anticipation of an economic turmoil over the years to come. Et voilĂ  ...

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  1. Dagmar Bauer, Zurich, Switzerland12 February 2009 at 10:50

    Hi, I think you've hit it. Yesterday Swiss news published information of bank UBS' loss of summing up to 20 billion Swiss Francs (Euro ca. 13 billion), and some director idiots still claim about 2 billion Swiss Francs as boni. Yes, THE CREAM IS DEFINITELY SOUR NOW. Stop the golden handshakes !! DB