Sunday, 19 October 2008

Peter's Law

I have no prejudice against intellect or intelligence
You don’t get far without a college degree
I’m sure we need some kind of sensible management
We can’t survive without a well written law

But there’s no substitute for streetwise and commonsense
Most positions are filled with incompetence
Behind facts and figures their mistakes they will hide
Yes, the cream is sour now.

This world is filled with a thousand smart Alecs
Whose base of information is their school text books
Treat this globe like their own property
Peter’s law shows us no sympathy

Like those guys from banks and insurances
Thought they knew it all, till they took a big fall
Made damn sure they got handshakes of gold
Yes, the cream is sour now !

Over estimating their abilities
Abusing executive powers
All done in ivory towers
Thinking they’re God’s gift to man

Share holders and voters, losing trust
They are fed up with all this arrogance
Sick of all these weak excuses
Lie too much and the truth will show

They got drunk on vintage power
And sucked the blood down to the bone
They took your money
They took your pride
Yes, the cream is sour now !
Yes, the cream is sour now !

Lyrics: Alex Johnson July 03
Music: Andreas Winkler Dec 04
© 2007 Bar-Song Productions, Switzerland

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