Friday, 20 May 2011

Kenny Jones, Carnaby Street and Mods.

I was going to write a post about Carnaby Street, but then I came across this stupendous interview with Kenny Jones, (drummer of the Small Faces and later The Who). He says it all, the early years, and the Mod influence on fashion. You can also sense that Kenny is still a Mod at heart!

As I have stated in a past post, though I did go to Carnaby Street on several occasions, I did my shopping else where- but it was still the main fashion centre for the early Mods. I remember buying my first ‘Levis’ at ‘Lord John’s’, and a pair of brogues at Topper’s, I suppose I also  bought the occasional shirt or two; but what made the street was the atmosphere- it buzzed! Today I can’t imagine we were taking part in a fashion revolution! If Carnaby Street was the Mod’s fashion Mecca, then John Stephen was its high priest – he listened to our prayers and then designed them!

The spirit and the rawness is long gone; but I recently took a walk back down its now tourist infested, clean and no through traffic, twenty first century impression of the legend, to look at two small plaques that pay tribute to its past- one for John Stephen, and the other for The Small Faces, and for a moment I was a wide eyed young Mod again.

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