Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Jimi Hendrix At The Ram Jam-The Epilogue.

Hey Alex! You forgot a Jimi Hendrix clip in your last post, (Jimi Hendrix Is Cautioned By Judge Dread!). ‘No I didn’t’. A Hendrix clip did not fit into the picture I was creating, besides, my first seeing of the phenomena requires a post of its own.

© Experience Hendrix // Photo credit: Authentic Hendrix LL


As the years progress, memories of the past are punished by time, they become blurred and patchy, (that’s why keeping a diary has its uses-wish I did!). My memory of the one and only time I saw Jimi live is in the  song ‘Stone Free’, maybe because I was stoned my self! One other picture remains- drums, base, rhythm and lead guitar, and the vocals seemed to be oozing out of one source-
Jimi Hendrix! What more can I say.

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