Thursday, 16 June 2011

What's Your Time-Warp?

I recently received a ‘tweet’ from @BigWindies, which had the reflection, “Us time- warped old buffers need to stick together! ;=) “. As simple and as humorous as it was intended, it brought on one of those deep bouts of thought that runs occasionally through my sluggish mind!

Remember how, as young teenagers, we shirked off our elders stories of their past. My mother for example would go on for ages about her war experiences; as did many others of her generation. And so it is, every generation will reminisce about the most vital part of their lives- the part where they felt special, bursting with life’s energy and rhythm. As Bob Seger dynamically puts it-‘Like a Rock’.
Vanassel1 commented on YouTube “Life goes by so fast, and youth is wasted on the young”. – Like FUCK! Vanassel1- it is this period of our lives that keeps most of us sane in our latter years- it is the only time that the majority have had a taste of pure freedom! As the years pass we fall in to an abyss filled with  responsibility for family and work, and no matter how good the latest software is, or how time saving the latest gadget is- we still do not find time to live. How often do we hear a friend or colleague say, ‘If only I had the time..’?  Don’t you find your self saying the very same thing? Youth is not wasted, it is just too short!.

 Yes, on one part I agree we waste a great deal of our allotted time on this earth, but, here I speak for my-self, I do not regret for one minute my time spent as a Mod in the streets and clubs of London. A time- warp is a safety valve in moments of insecurity and difficulties; it gives us the opportunity to disappear for a moment into a period where we felt untouchable, and  unburdened with life’s stresses and worries; these finest hours, are usually to be touched up on  in the early part of our youth. 

Traveling back into the past is not limited to us poor buggers only! Look at the glint in Bill Gates eyes when he talks about his rebellious campus days, (wasn’t it his dream to be a rock guitarist!?)- Or Phil Collins who still reminiscence about his Mod back ground.
We all have our own personal key that opens the door into this inner sanctuary- I have several, one of which, for some unknown reason, can bring a tear to my eye- The Small Faces, ‘Tin Soldier'.

To all of you out there, Mod or Rocker, Punker or Footballer, Heroes and Villains, look after your time-warps because sometimes that is all we have left. 

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  1. Excellent
    And I think the point you make about music being the key is true for many of us. So many songs take me instantly to another place, with good and bad memories, but regrets, pah, life's too short!

  2. I think watching Lady Gaga on French TV the other night set me off. The Tv audience and French interviewers were fawning all over her ..." Your so original/outrageous/controversial etc" ..I just kept thinking about The Pistols and Bill Grundy.
    It wasn't just about shocking for shockings sake back then..More it was about pointing up hypocrisy and breaking down barriers . Barriers that, in the last 20 years or so,the music and media industry has been very busy putting back up .
    We don't have real roots rock rebels anymore..Just formatted pet poseurs " turning rebellion into money ".