Monday, 18 July 2011

Music the Seducer- Music the Lover

Casanova, Mata Hari, Don Juan and Cleopatra are names that conjure images of love and seduction; most of us are not so lucky to have the supposed charms and magical alluring physical make-up of these prominent members of the Lovers Hall of Fame. Albeit, we, the majority, have over the centuries have had a valuable easily accessible aid to reinforce our weak seduction magnetism- music.

A Young 60’s Mod, was as romantically poetic as a Harold Wilson speech! In fact Shelley was as foreign to us as the Highway Code. However our music taste was mature enough to appreciate not only the fast dance tunes, but also the slow and soulful love songs, which at times touched on the erotic. When Mod couples danced together, there was no need for romantic talk, the lyrics and the rhythm of the slow soul songs did all the love communication for them!

Couples who have been in a long relationship often talk of their favourite song, the one that they heard when they first met, when they first kissed or when they first… One song that brings back special memories to me is a Joe Tex song "Hold on to What You've Got".

I don’t know who the ingenious couple was that first thought of having music in the background when making love, but I’m sure thousands of lovers used the sounds of Ravel's Boléro to enhance their lovemaking after watching Jenny (Bo Derek) seduce George (Dudley Moore) to the tunes pulsating Latin rhythm in the 1979 film ‘10’. And who can forget Kim Basinger’s bedroom striptease in 9½ Weeks, to Joe Cocker’s “You Can Leave Your Hat On"?  These films, amongst others, illustrated the benefit of music in bedroom matters.

The Seventies must have been the decade for romance,  besides the release of many erotic/romantic films, it was the era for passionate music, from the Bee Gee’s to Bread, Stylistics and the Manhattans, you were left no choice, but to feel amorous! At the top of this list stood one man, who, as quoted, ‘been responsible for more babies than any other singer’, Barry White. Barry’s voice, lyrics and Philly sound, are still amongst the most romantic, erotic and seductive music to be found.

Today with the break down of popular music into hundreds of categories, heavy metal, gothic rock, soft rock, street rap, political rap, gangster rap, techno… the list goes on forever; we seem to have lost the soul connection to music; I may be wrong, and I hope so, but has the romance gone out of music? As for me, songs such as  the O'Jays, "Stairway To Heaven", can still get the old blood moving!

It would be interesting to know if you have a ‘special song’, if so please leave a comment below.

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