Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Lost Generation Seeks Working Class Hero.

The riots and the looting that took place in England last week have come and gone; in-fact, in the eyes of the world’s media it is already history. PM David Cameron’s answer to the riots is to appoint a 63-year-old American cop as his advisor! Showing how much faith he has in the British police force; a force which he himself has weakened with his totally unsocial budget cuts. Just goes to show Cameron is no better than Blair, who also seemed to think all that comes from the land of the free and brave is gold! I don’t think that  ‘super cop’ Bill Bratton will make the slightest bit of a difference to the problem. A problem which lies buried deep in a parallel world of hard core kids who do not feel connected to society.

I do not condone the riots one slightest bit; nevertheless, as many other recent blogs have mentioned, this show of public discontent is not new to the British Isle’s. The main difference is, while all past generations have had a leading identity to advocate their point of view, the present generation has none. The ideals and wishes of a young generation are usually abstract and foreign to older age groups. It is not said that the thoughts and wants of today's youth conform to the political or social pallets of the average citizen ; but some form of  translation always helps when trying to communicate in a foreign language.

Those of us who have been ‘teenage’ rebels, this includes me, know that the main reason for rebellion is that youth’s social and personal values are usually light years away from those of their parents and political surroundings. Some of the reasons for past civil unrest and aggression was translated into words by the poets and musicians of the time, youthful nonconformity had a voice. Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, The Who, The Sex Pistols and The Clash, are just some who have lent their talents to the cause of their specific generation. Can anyone name me one REAL herald for today’s youth culture?

While the youth of the past had the chance to build up their worlds, this new generation has it all there! I can only talk about my own culture, ‘Mod'; our environment was grey, we were starved of music, fashion, and places to let out our teenage energy; it was this hunger which enabled us to build up our own world. Today, it’s all there for the taking, music that never ends, thousands of shops offering unlimited off the peg fashions, discos, concerts and festivals. Not to mention, computers, mobile phones and flat screen TVs that show you pictures of the latest scandals, and news of bank directors receiving a few life time salaries as bonuses for cutting their companies work force by half. I don’t know the reason for the unrest; but fact is, as always, the brunt of these attacks took place on home ground. The people that suffered were friends and neighbours of the rioters, could this mean that the old community feeling has died? There are a million questions to be answered, but an old cop from thousands of miles away is not the knight in shining armour that clueless politicians are hoping for, it’s about time they stopped throwing one insult after another into the British public’s face! The time has come for a working class hero to arise, and there is no one there to take up the calling.


  1. Wow - 3 of my all time favourite tracks this week Alex - nice work.

  2. Alex dear friend it gets worse before it gets better,the peace that so many folk seek to bring an end to all the worlds woes has fled from their vision.Too blind to see the root cause of the sickness is the face looking back from the mirror.Where is the great physician? That Prince of Peace who Dylan found when he nearly died,the same One who caused Justin and John to think of themselves as Apostles (The Blue Jays).Try to imagine as John Lennon I'm sure did,the return of Jesus as promised for this lawless, loveless,lost generation.Agape

  3. Kind person of no identity- Imagination and prayer is not going to solve this situation. Regards Alex Johnson.