Thursday, 24 November 2011

My Top Ten Rhythm Sections #10 - #8

The basic rhythm section - a drummer and a bass player - is the foundation for most of the popular music recorded over the last sixty years, supplying a rhythmic pulse and an harmonic foundation for the music. The main function of the bass guitarist is to anchor the harmonic framework and, in collaboration with the drummer, lay down the beat. A tightly knit, killer rhythm section can make an otherwise average band something greater.

Keeping my judgement to the rudimentary elements of a rhythm section, I have taken the liberty to allow myself to make a chart of who I consider to be the top ten of rock, soul and pop.

#10. The Blue Moon Boys: Bass-Bill Black and drums-DJ Fontana. In the early fifties, together with Scotty Moore on rhythm and lead guitar; they added the roll that made Elvis rock!

#9. The Beatles: Bass-Paul MacCartney and drums-Ringo Starr. Often underrated, but the underlying rhythm created by these two, was copied by hundreds of groups and called the Mersey sound!

#8. The Rolling Stones: Bass-Bill Wyman and drums- Charlie Watts. Critics quite often attack this duo, but if you listen closely to early Stones music, you’ll feel the beat and the pulse reaching out to you!

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