Monday, 27 February 2012

The Blank Page

How many times have I, in total frustration, looked at a blank page wishing the magic would work and words would flow from my pencil to colour its white surface! I’m sure this artistic need has caused the majority of writers to fall into despondency more than once.

I recently came across a poem by Canadian poet and writer David Pasieka that describes a writer's dilemma the only way it should be, with flowing words!

The Blank Page

Staring at the blank page,
The white canvas of dream.
My words seem ineffective
To convey the thoughts that rush
Through trembling fingers.

I have thought of times and tales,
Of mystery that entices you further in,
Into the mystery of a fervent, passionate heart.

The blank page is a road not yet taken,
An endless expanse of possibility and despair.
Taunting and terrible, I follow its secret pathways,
Into the memory that is yet to be, the story yet to be written.

I fall into white, and pulp, and dust.
My pen leaves its long-lasting calling card upon the face
That was so pure and unspoiled only a moment before.

The journey begins...

So, if the next time your thoughts are as blank as the threatening white page that is staring up at you, don’t let your artistic spirit flounder; your imaginative creativity will win through in the end.

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