Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My Present to You: Free Read of "The Last Cigarette"

To my Tweeps, Friends and Fans for my birthday on Saturday February 4th; my first attempt at writing a short story is available free of charge on Amazon!

Between Feb 04 12:01am PST (08:01am UK) and Feb 05 PST 11:59pm (Feb 06 07:59am UK) you can download my 30 pages-worth short story "The Last Cigarette" from Amazon's US Kindle store for free.
No need for a Kindle reader, just download the free Kindle App to your mobile or desktop device. If your Amazon account is with another store (where the story is available, too ;) you might be able to use this free offer by temporarily transferring your account to the US store with one click only. AmazonPrime Subscribers (US only) can 'borrow' this title free of charge from Amazon's Kindle library at any time.

A short story by Alexander G. Johnson
"The year 2052, the world is ruled by one central government seated in
Hong Kong; the produce of beef has been limited, and the official
languages are Mandarin and English! The smoking and planting of tobacco
has been outlawed; in London an auction is about to take place of the
last remaining, legal, cigarette. The surrounding events that take place
on that day make it a smoke to remember ..."

Hope you enjoy the story. Please be so kind as to leave a critic on Amazon! 

Warmest wishes,


  1. Can't wait to read this on my Kindle! Happy Birthday! Good luck with the short story, mate.

  2. This story rings with veracity about the future, in which smoking and tobacco are banned. It has a haunting George Orwell quality to it that stays with you long after you finish it. The scary thing is many of the things depicted in this story may actually happen in a few years. Excellent work!

  3. An intriguing view of the future. I particularly enjoyed the references to music. I have to agree with Scott Harrah, who posted above me - it doesn't seem too far fetched that a lot of these things might happen one day. Thanks for a fun read, and happy birthday!